16 June 2006

Idiot-In-Chief Bush and His Nutty Worshipers

The beautiful thing about my country, and the rights I am granted as a citizen of it, is that I can publicly call our President, George W. Bush, a silly, half-retarded cocksucker, and afterwards I’ll have no fear of secret police crashing in my door at 3 am to arrest me, incarceration without due process, or any other police state intimidation tactic to vanquish the free expression of thoughts and opinions.

The scary thing about my country is that a majority of its citizens elected a silly, half-retarded cocksucker to be President.

The problem with Bush isn’t that he’s a moron; anyone with a shard of enlightenment in his or her thinking, anyone with even a small amount of common sense, anyone with just a little grip of reality, can plainly see he’s a fucking twit. The problem is that the Jesus freaks, right-wing kooks, and other creepy fucktards in this country take this raging twit seriously and consider him to be a “good” man and a “good” leader. That’s scary.

How many times has a serial killer been caught and his neighbors seemed shocked by his creepy secret life, even going so far as to say he seemed like a good guy, nice, quiet, a good neighbor? By day John Wayne Gacy was a nice neighbor, a pillar of the community, and by night he was kidnapping, raping, torturing, and then killing young men. Ted Bundy was a well-liked, hip, and cool law student and up-and-comer in Seattle by day, while at night he terrorized single women all over the Pacific Northwest, raping and killing over thirty of them in a short period.

My point—exaggerated though it may seem—is that people are shitty judges of character for the most part.

Sure, maybe Bush is a nice, sweet, good, and pious man, but his actions as President have been destructive for the citizens of this country. He is the most incompetent commander-in-chief this country has ever had. His domestic policies have been as destructive as his foreign policies. Yet his most ardent followers have granted him almost pope-like infallibility, as if, despite his massive failures, he’s not responsible for them. They barely—if at all—acknowledge his failures.

And when he stands before the cameras and microphones and starts babbling stupidly like only he can do, those of us with any modicum of enlightenment simply cringe and cower in shame, or worse, become so angry we can barely stand to lament over how horribly this babbling half-wit has led our country the last five years.

The right-wing gasbag pundits and Bush worshipers bitch all the time about this Bush-hating frenzy by the enlightened progressive types in this country. Well, you simple-minded cocksuckers hated Clinton for much weaker—and often baseless—reasons than we hate Bush, so what’s your fucking point? Your hatred of Clinton was marked mostly by the utter speciousness of most of your complaints against him, coupled with the completely irrational logic that drove your hatred. That he was a fairly good President—especially compared to the madness of your King George the Half-wit—is further proof of your insanity and complete lack of living in any form of reality that makes sense to even the most nose-picking, booger-eating, ass-scratching, retarded five-year-old.

Watching the rabid right-wingers further marginalize themselves with their insane and irrational defense of Bush, even when all the facts and evidence available prove beyond a reasonable doubt—even to the aforementioned nose-picking, booger-eating, ass-scratching, retarded five-year-old—of his ineptitude and destructiveness, is both a humorous and also frightening experience.

You just have to wonder this: will this all end ugly, or will we be able to transfer power in this country without bloodshed and violence? Will the wackos on the right concede political power in the upcoming elections when they lose badly?

I think the right-wingers are all gutlesss cowards, so I am hopeful it will be a peaceful exchange.

- Alex von Waldenberg III, 16 June 2006


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